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Perfect Citizen Image
Project Perfect Citizen

December 2016

Project Perfect Citizen is an interactive narrative experience addressing government surveillance in the modern digital age.

The player takes on the role of a no-name employee at the Department of Cyber Police and Security: a division of the government tasked with monitoring all domestic communications. After obtaining a warrant from an automated database extraction system, the player is granted access to their target's Desktop in order to collect incriminating evidence to prove the target's guilt. But when the line between criminality and the everyday struggle is blurred, the player must look to their own conscience to arrest or exonerate the targets he or she is surveilling.

Confusion of Tongues Image
Confusion of Tongues

August 2020

Confusion of Tongues is a 2-8 Player limited communication game where players draft a lexicon in teams of two, and compete to be the first to complete their build contract!

Players are broken into two-player teams and compete to be the first to complete their build contract. The twist; Players can only communicate using Gibberish assigned to a limited Lexion each round. Teams draft out their Lexicon each round using a Pick/Ban order, then randomly assign Gibberish to their words.

Workers Image
Workers of The World Unite!

June 2020

Workers of the World Unite! is a 2-4 Player, Worker Placement game with hand management and area control elements, set among the strife of workplace unionization. A standard playthrough lasts 10-15 minutes.

Workers of the World Unite! is won when a Player reaches 16 or more Victory Points, and no other Player outscores them by the end of that round. The game is structured around two opposing factions: Unions and Corporations. Players use Workers from each faction to seize the Means of Production, and generate Victory Points.

Out of Hand Image
Out of Hand

March 2016

In this anxiety ridden simulation, we explore what defines a good handshake. First, you learn to shake a rattle in the crib! Then, you graduate high school, your life is only headed up! Finally, you've reached the end of a tense job interview, this shake will determine whether or not you eat this week! Handshakes have been the dominant ritual of greeting for many cultures since ancient times.

Their significance in our culture cannot be overstated. Good luck! Don't let things get out of hand!

Who Stands Before The Law Image
Who Stands Before The Law

June 2016

Who Stands Before the Law is a top down action puzzler where players explore the juridico-disciplinary landscapes of Paris and Tehran, and the legal obsessions with the Muslim hijab.

Two sisters must don and doff their religious garb to dodge the dangerous attention of authorities across tense cityscapes.

State of Uncertainty Image
State of Uncertainty

In Development

State of Uncertainty is an upcoming tabletop game for 2-4 players, set to release late 2020. The current build combines area control and drafting mechanics to create a novel "area drafting" experience; modular territories are contested in their selection and placement as well as the resources applied to controlling them.

Beatshifter Image

July 2020

Submitted to the GMTK 2020 Game Jam. Theme: Out of Control Beatshifter is an inverse platformer where you control the rotation and tilt of the environment to navigate obstacles and challenges. Get to the end by manipulating the landscape rather than the player!

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Creative Director


• Responsible for project’s overall vision, quality, and continued player engagement.

• Partner with Leads to define milestone and sprint deliverables for the team and then drive the successful delivery of all objectives.

• Construct engaging and creative gameplay systems with impactful features that will improve user experience, engagement, and monetization.

• Convert ideas into communicable and actionable flows and specs: create GDDs, flows and clear feature documentation.

• Provide ongoing support for the project at all stages of the product lifecycle.


Narrative Designer


• Write and develop quests for the IPC (Immortal Player Character) mobile application.

• Facilitate the testing and implementation of new storylines and updates.

• Develop multiple story arcs to fill out the D&D inspired world based on the game director's vision.

• As the primary author of in-game written content, I also test and edit the work of other contributing writers.

• Wrote and implemented 150+ player narratives for the Immortal Player Character mobile app.


Marketing Producer / QA Lead / Community Manager

Pico Interactive

• Served as Producer in partnership with VP of Publishing for in-house VR titles, as well as QA Manager for VR apps, games, and firmware.

• Lead cross-functional teams through A/B Split testing of HMD user interface for each firmware patch release.

• Designed and developed company website Pico-Interactive.com.

• Spearheaded roll-out of 85+ VR games on live app store, including debugging, copywriting for cross-platform marketing, and planning weekly game launches along with director of publishing.

• Instrumental in establishing indie VR developer community including marketing, online contest hosting, and in-person game-jams. Generated forum of 2000+ active users and collaborated with engineering team.

• Partnered with QA team in China as well as developers on project updates, fixes, and meeting deadlines.

• Unblock and support agile teams for efficient delivery of sprint milestones.


UI Contractor & Trade Show Coordinator

Pico Interactive

• UI/UX analytics with the Pico Neo developer kit

• Talking with industry representatives about Pico's HMD and it's competitive edge within today's emerging VR market at E3, VRDC, CES, and GDC


Lead Narrative Designer

Bad Cop Studios

• Led team of 11 developers to create Project Perfect Citizen, a surveillance based narrative game, within six months.

• Wrote story arcs, character profiles, metadata, and texts, as well as procedural generation grammars to create immersive gameworld.

• Led and coordinated grassroots campaign across all social media to generate buzz for release.

• Garnered 2016 IGF Nuovo Honorable Mention, Sammy Award Grand Prize, Finalist position in Visual Design and Design Innovation, and panelist spot at IndieCade “Games as Protest.”

• Received positive reviews for narrative from industry press including Rock Paper Shotgun’s “Best Free Games of 2016”, Famitsu, iDigitalTimes to name a few.


Writing Instructor

UCSC Politics Department

• Planned and led lessons on essay development, textual analysis, and argument organization.

• Assisted students in comprehension and analysis of required materials

• Five times a week I met with small groups of students to improve their writing skills, and discuss the assigned texts.

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